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Since 1999, GoldenHome has been producing name brand cabinets for the global markets. Today, the company has become one of the worlds leading cabinet makers.With many locations stretching across China, Australia, Middle East, and the U.S. Every day, millions of families rely on GoldenHome kitchens for real life living products. 

Quality is of the essence of GoldenHome operation. The company has developed globally integrated supply chain and partnerships over the years, and carefully selects environmental friendly materials to ensure premium quality. State-of-the-art automated controlled German HOMAG equipment is introduced for precise manufacturing.

GoldenHome provides kitchen and bath cabinets of both European classic and modern styles. The company works with globally recognized experts to introduce novel designs every year, for example its C3 series has been elected as the industry leading design and best seller for years, which is benchmarked by many of its peers.

In the year of 2017, GoldenHome’s US West Coast Central Warehouse is established in LA. The close range to long beach port and to major US west coast cities with high population densities, makes ease-of-transportation a real asset for GoldenHome. This new edition brings Goldenhome and the US markets closer together. Allowing them to forge a great relationship, and provide a quality product to consumers every where. 

Goldenhome Cabinetry -- Frameless Reinvented


Goldenhome can provide exacting specifications for each market.”

GoldenHome cabinets are being built to the North American 3 inch construction standard. Goldenhome is able to provide a seamless look that satisfied the need of the most discriminating buyers. Goldenhome offered the most advanced hardware and accessories available in this industry. 

— Yu Rui (President)

I was impressed by the professionalism of Goldenhome.”

When I first visit GoldenHome factories and showroom, I was impressed by the professionalism and accuracy of information system used, the extensive production line, quality of final products and efficiency of logistic to ship all the worldwide. Only the factory like Goldenhome, can produce up to 7000 cabinets daily with required efficiency and with almost 0% human and system error.

Karim Shoukry (GoldenHome middle-east agent)


Customer demand is our driving force.”

The global demand for kitchen cabinets has been rising for the past few years, especially in US, Australia and Middle East. That is why we have been putting resources in place to try to meet the demand. It is my sincere hope that GoldenHome will become the kitchen cabinet choice for customers for all parts of the world! 

Xiaozhen Pan (General Manager)